Learn how bridging finance adds value to clients

We provide immediate cash flow to help you finalise construction projects, capitalise on investment opportunities and support you with a range of other scenarios.

Loan extension

An existing borrower needed an additional loan to finish off a project which was delayed as a result…


Term:3 months

Exit Strategy:

Gap in settlement

The client sold their existing home and purchased a new home. There was a gap in settlement dates an…


Term:6 months

Exit Strategy:Proceeds from the sale of the existing home.

Cash flow required for business

A small business needed a cash flow injection in order to pay overdue invoices and purchase a specia…


Term:3 months

Exit Strategy:Cash flow from special order or sale of the asset.

Backing property development

The borrower was completing four separate projects at various construction stages. One of the projec…


Term:6 months

Exit Strategy:Presale of the projects enabled the borrower to refinance the remaining debt through a major bank.

Repaying ATO Debts

The borrower’s business incurred a significant ATO debt and a wind-up application commenced in the c…


Term:6 months

Exit Strategy:Cash flow from the business to clear debt. The loan was repaid as arranged and the business is now flourishing.

Finalising a subdivision project

The borrower required funding to complete renovations prior to selling their property.  


Term:6 months

Exit Strategy:Proceeds from the sale of the property. By accessing funding at a crucial time, the borrower was able to sell the townhouse property and secure a premium price.

Urgent business opportunity

The borrower required funding to purchase and refurbish a commercial premise. The client was unable…


Term:2 months

Exit Strategy:Refinance with a mainstream lender. By securing urgent funding, the borrower avoided losing their deposit and made a significant profit. The borrower refinanced the remaining debt through a major lender.

Supporting small business owner

In the lead up to the busy Christmas period a business needed short term funding to purchase a large…


Term:2 months

Exit Strategy:Profit from trading over the Christmas period.

Catering company secures urgent funding

One month prior to the start of the Commonwealth Games, a catering company’s pre-approved finance fe…


Term:2 months

Exit Strategy:Profit from the delivery of the catering contract.

Poor credit history

The borrower needed to consolidate debts owing to multiple creditors and was unable to secure fundin…


Term:2 months

Exit Strategy:Refinancing through a major lender. The borrower made regular repayments, which boosted their credit score and improved their business operations.