How you will benefit

There are several benefits to a bridging loan that far outweigh the costs, whether you are upgrading/downsizing, relocating, or have a special project to finish.  A bridging loan with Capital Bridging Finance will make the process of buying your next property or funding your next project much easier and hassle-free.  From a simple application process to quick access to funding (within 48 hours if needed), bridging finance will benefit many businesses and families.


An example of this would be the difference between getting the keys to your dream property without losing out to another buyer – stress, and hassle-free!

Our advantages

We charge a modest fee to review your application, complete credit checks and inhouse valuations.

Our process is simple. Give us a call for an indicative offer in minutes whilst speaking directly to the person approving your loan.

We work fast to secure your funding as quickly as possible – within 24 to 48 business hours.

Flexible payment terms to capitalise, prepay or service your monthly interest in a way that best suits your situation.

As a private lender, our robust commercial policies minimise red tape and enable us to secure fast funding for our clients.

Our Lending Managers think outside the box and sensitively adapt to clients’ needs.