Commercial finance

Supporting your business to grow

Commercial finance

We understand that opportunities need quick action. There is often a small window to capitalise on personal, business and real estate investment and bank funding can take too long.

Has your business incurred an unexpected expense, or do you need funding to expand your operations

Access funding to upgrade properties, purchase stock, invest in technology or to make the most of investment opportunities.

Do you need funding to back the expansion of your business operations?

For example, a loan to purchase stock, invest in technology or make the most of an investment opportunity. Capital Bridging Finance can be your solution.

Is your business experiencing a temporary cash-flow issue?

Irregular cash flow is a significant problem that many small and medium-sized businesses experience. We work with you to provide urgent funds supporting your business into long-term profitability.

Is your focus on debt instead of running your business?

We help to consolidate and streamline your existing business debts into one loan with simple repayments. This will leave you with peace of mind and the time to concentrate on your business.

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    Our bridging finance helps people with the following type of scenarios:

    Loan extension

    An existing borrower needed an additional loan to finish off a project which was delayed as a result…


    Term:3 months

    Exit Strategy:

    Poor credit history

    The borrower needed to consolidate debts owing to multiple creditors and was unable to secure fundin…


    Term:2 months

    Exit Strategy:Refinancing through a major lender. The borrower made regular repayments, which boosted their credit score and improved their business operations.

    Gap in settlement

    The client sold their existing home and purchased a new home. There was a gap in settlement dates an…


    Term:6 months

    Exit Strategy:Proceeds from the sale of the existing home.