How it works

4 simple steps to receive funding

1Give us a call for an indicative offer in minutes. You will speak directly to a decision maker who will guide you through the loan process.

2Complete a simple application form. We charge a modest fee to review your application, complete credit checks and inhouse valuations.

3Our director will meet with you at your property. After the property inspection, you’ll receive a formal letter of offer and documentation from solicitors.

4Same day funding into your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the funding process take?

Once your application is received and relevant checks have taken place, you will normally receive funding within 48 hours.

What type of security do you accept?

Residential, commercial & industrial securities accepted Australia wide.

What do you provide funding for?

Capital Bridging Finance provides business, commercial and NCCP loans Australia wide. Our clients typically need urgent funding for property settlement and developments.

How long can I borrow funds for?

Capital Bridging Finance is a short-term funding provider. Clients typically borrow funds for three to six months. Depending on your circumstances, loan terms can be extended by 6 months to a maximum term of 12 months. There is no minimum term or early repayment fees which means you are not penalised for repaying your loan earlier than expected.

What is your interest rate?

Interest rates start from 1.5% per month for first mortgage loans and interest rates from 2% per month for second mortgage loans.

How do I pay the interest on the loan?

Our payment terms are flexible, allowing you to capitalise, prepay or service your monthly interest in a way that best suits your situation.

What is a property inspection?

Prior to providing you with funding, our director meets with borrowers in person at their property.

What is your loan to value ratio (LVR)?

Loan to value ration is the amount you are borrowing. This is represented as a percentage of the value of the property. Our LVR for residential, commercial and industrial loans is up to 70%. In some situations, we provide funding for higher risk LVR loans.

What is an exit strategy?

An exit strategy is the means you will use to repay the loan for example, the sale of a property or subdivision, refinancing through a major lender or through cash flow from your business.

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