Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans

Commercial bridge loans are short-term financing solutions for business expenses until more permanent financing can be arranged. They essentially ‘bridge the gap’ between current and future circumstances, helping investors purchase commercial real estate or complete renovations even when their financials are incomplete. At Capital Bridging Finance, we can arrange commercial mortgage bridge loans that tide you over until you can organise more long-term financing.

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Bridge Loans ?

A bridging loan specialist can assess the value of your collateral rather than your creditworthiness, making it easier for you to secure the finances you need. Business owners, real estate owners, developers, investors and other clients can benefit from these solutions. Whether you need funds to assist with the purchase of a brand new commercial premise or a loan to renovate your existing property, our professional team in Melbourne, Australia can provide assistance.

Common Reasons for Commercial Bridge Loans

There are a number of reasons why commercial bridge loans are attractive for short-term financing. For example:

    • A prime storefront in a busy shopping area has become available, but it will take too long to apply and qualify for a commercial mortgage. A bridge loan can secure the necessary funds to capitalise on the incredible commercial real estate opportunity, after which you can refinance it with something more affordable and sustainable.
    • Your business is failing to perform to its potential, but funds are too low to finance renovations or a higher occupancy rate. Commercial mortgage bridge loans can finance extensions and upgrades, the rewards from which can be used to pay off the loan.
    • Your credit score is subpar, making it difficult to qualify for long-term financing. A 2 months term bridge loan can provide short-term funds which are then repaid as arranged, boosting your credit score and opening up your finance opportunities.

Quick-to-Fund Loans

Our commercial bridge loan lenders understand that you often have a small window to capitalise on a real estate investment opportunity. Whereas banks can take months to process your application, alternative lenders such as Capital Bridging Finance can deliver results much faster. Our commercial bridge lenders can get your loan approved and drawn within 72 business hours, which you can then put towards any urgent expenses you need to pay.

Contact Our Commercial Bridge Lenders Today

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