About Us

The executive management team have over 100 years combined experience in property, bridging finance, top-tier banking, non-conforming lending, and funds management.

We offer a personal touch – our clients aren’t a number in the system, we understand every person is unique and so is their specific needs. When you call our office and speak with one of our senior lending managers, you’re speaking directly with a decision maker who can approve your loan. Our approach is to intimately and quickly understand the issues, so we can deliver a result.

Our team takes an active role in the day to day operations and approval processes to ensure we meet the needs of the market.

Each borrower’s loan requirements are unique, and we make sure to understand the challenges that they face so we can best tailor the loan to our client’s needs. Setting up the structure of the loan is paramount to ensure a safe exit, and provide the client with the right tools to control their exit strategy.

Our Team 

We view our employees as our greatest asset and we value the contributions they make to our company and our clients. Our team consists of the best and brightest professionals that come to us from across the financial services industry. Their knowledge and combined experience are what sets our company apart.

We pride ourselves in working with clients in a considerate, compassionate manner and we take all the time necessary to help them understand their current situation and the various options available to them to deal with a challenging financial situation.

Damien Simonfi

CEO of Capital Bridging Finance

Damien has over 19 years of experience in lending and 15 years in bridging finance. Moving on from the big banks – Damien founded Capital Bridging Finance when he realised the niche market in short-term lending and the need to offer timely solutions when major lenders were not an option.

Damien has devised and implemented many processes within the financial sector including settlement procedures and credit policies. He has been instrumental in the framework for workout processes (often involving borrowers of large amounts in serious default) in complex financial matters.

In his career, Damien has experienced the major arc of the lending game with positions held in the ‘Big Four’ banks, non-conforming lending and short-term bridging finance with a portfolio of over $2.2 billion.

Damien’s philosophy for bridging finance is simple: Always meet with the borrower in person. Always physically inspect the security properties. Always assist clients until the loan is repaid.

Damien’s main objective is to reduce problems to their most elemental level in which to understand and negotiate favourable outcomes.

Paul Davis

Legal Practitioner

Paul is the principal of the Brisbane based legal firm Davis Lawyers. A solicitor since 1987, Paul has practiced in the areas of property law, banking & finance, rural industries, mining and acquisitions, and mergers.

With legal experience in mainstream banking, financial institutions, a variety of private lenders and as a property developer in his own right, Paul brings a wealth of experience in assessing and documenting property-based transactions and enforcement.

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